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# 1 NOT just another CE thread.
03-12-2010, 10:08 AM
For those that actually read this for content thank you.

So as we know there are countless threads of people complaining about CE.

I am not here to gripe/whine/cry/complain about CE "SHOCKER!" but any who.

Yes for the level we are given the mission the CE can be damn near impossible. I am not asking for it to be easier in fact I have fought it @ current status and been involved in two different instances where we beat it.

What I am proposing, suggesting is something that doesn't require players to do the instance as we are not now, unless you feel obligated to do the mission.

Something akin to strong incentive to want to actually learn how to take down the CE. For most players, they get the mission, jump into the instance and usually it is pure chaos unless you are in a fleet that is semi organized and or running an Alt through the quest lines for the umpteenth time.

As it stands now, if someone feels as though the mission is to difficult to accompolish I am not seeing any incentive to really want to do the mission. The chances of looting something worth while are slim @ best for a number of reasons not to mention the time it may take to do the misison as where one can drop the misison and go do DSE's or continue the quest line by passing the XP the CE mission gives and possible loot as well.

Cryptic give us a reason to want to stick out the experience to want to learn how to work as a team, to want to have a chance @ mission/loot reward. As long as the mission can be bypassed I don't think it as a rewarding experience as it could be.

Something else that I kind of ironic is that there are/were missions @ the very beginning where we are forced to group........why not force grouping for this instance? This IS a prime example of a team effort type mission/instance, yet we are not forced or really given strong incentive to group. However in the early levels that are cake to solo.......we are automatically forced to group? The logic isn't registering.

And yes I know I can disable auto grouping in Social settings but for those that are not aware of this?

Thoughts, opinions?