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03-12-2010, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Tessa Holly
2 years ago, when my Grandmama was 81, she got really interested in gaming. She kept asking questions about the white box game (the wii) and looking around at Gamestop and Best Buy when we went looking for other stuff.

My father had an Xbox he'd won at a developer's conference that was just sitting around and so we agreed that I'd set it up for her to see if she'd be interested in playing. Note, up until this point, she'd only known how to turn on her computer to play card games--she was very low tech.

So I set everything up and took her to best buy. I told her a few of the games that were good, based on experience I've had. I didn't even think about games with any kind of shooting, because she can't watch anything with blood/guts (she calls it tomato sauce). So someone comes up to us at the store and recommends a racing game, which she snagged, and I went over to look somewhere else.

She comes up to me about 10 minutes later with the (now) 2 games she's chosen and I go up to the counter and pay for them and don't even think to look at them. We get home and I grabbed into the bag and came out with the racing game. Popped it into the xBox and everything was great.

Until she tried to play it. Spent a lot of time hitting other cars and turning around. She requests the other game, which I'd forgotten about and I take out the racing game and pull the other game out of the bag. As I'm peeling off the plastic, I realize she picked HALO. I asked her about it and she said it sounded good.

And then my 81 year old Grandmama proceeds to play Halo for the next hour, thoroughly schooling me in it, before I left the room and called my father to giggle. Her great niece and nephew were over a few months later and apparently, their father decided to pack up the XBox because it was creating too much of a stir. My Grandmama would try and take the controller away from the kids whenever Halo was in the tray. She was thoroughly addicted.
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