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03-12-2010, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by doh123 View Post
thats odd... does it continue to work? did you try enabling GLSL? Are you using Test40b or Beta4? For me Test40b has been running very well and may become Beta5... or maybe I'll just call it 1.0 and drop the beta thing.
Yes, continues to work all day yesterday and into today. Did nothing different, did not enable GLSL, changed no settings whatsoever wrote my post, minimized Safari and desperately tried to launch it again and... wallah it didn't freeze. I am using Beta4, though with your kind words on Test40b, might switch to it shortly.
Hm, Beta4 works REALLY well though (above my expectations) once I got it going yesterday. I currently have everything in the game at max settings (everything that is possible while under wine, that is).

I can't thank you enough for this