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03-12-2010, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by Ceilican View Post

Something else that I kind of ironic is that there are/were missions @ the very beginning where we are forced to group........why not force grouping for this instance? This IS a prime example of a team effort type mission/instance, yet we are not forced or really given strong incentive to group. However in the early levels that are cake to solo.......we are automatically forced to group? The logic isn't registering.

And yes I know I can disable auto grouping in Social settings but for those that are not aware of this?

Thoughts, opinions?
I'm unaware of any missions other than fleet actions, DSE's, or the new character game intro (up to your first trip to Sol), that you are "forced" to group. Even then you're not forced to group, you are simply put in the same instance as other people basically to compete against them. The CE, and in theory STF's (damn you needing 3 people to click, otherwise soloable), are the only missions where you actually need someone else to help complete them. The only reason I need someone else for the CE is that I can't out DPS it's natural regen rate by myself; it takes 4-5 people to do in a reasonable time.

I'd love to see a whole lot more missions where you actually need other people to help you out, forcing people to learn how to group up and play nice while leveling up (not the STF missions). But we all know that STO is ultra casual friendly, so the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. At least if they did that, then the experience of the CE wouldn't be the big shocker that it is now...