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03-12-2010, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by nate1980 View Post
Okay, quick to assume are we. To be honest, I've read the CE quest only once, which was over a month ago. With as many quests the game offers, things I read in real life for both pleasure and for business, you can't really expect me to remember such a small block of text read over a month ago, do you?

I'd appreciate it if you're going to reply to my post, to reply to the whole thing. It's easy to be selective and reply only to what you can counter, but what say you about the Dr. on Enterprise D using a continuous resonating pulse to defeat the entity? You do know how much sense that makes don't you? Since it's made of crystal and is vulnerable to intense vibrations?

Don't get me wrong, this isn't another CE complaint post. I WANT hard content, but I also want it to make sense and stick to canon when it makes sense to do so. I can understand a CE vaporizing my away team, but 20 ships? Get real.
Nate - Rather defensive are we? Seriously, if you're going to actually take the time to post on a subject like this, you should probably take the time to read the mission text available to you. And yes, you ARE expected to read it and remember it IF you're going to post about it. I am familiar with the episode of TNG. What part of the mission text of "this entity is different from the one that Enterprise-D encountered" did you not understand? I would consider having to use weapons on it and it using fragments on us "different" than the Enterprise-D encounter.

As for killing it in under 10 minutes, i can guarantee it if we have 10 players or more and they follow my 5 rules. Hit me up for an invite when you see @hansbrix in game, and I'll show you what it's all about.