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There are a few rules and guidlines to entering the Unofficial Ten Forward Ship Design Contest:

1. All designs must be an original design. No pre-existing designs will accepted

2. Design must be one of the poster's own works unless otherwise stated.

3. This is open to everyone. There are no international restrictions.

4. All entries will go before a set of judges. To ensure fairness to everyone, I ask judges not to enter a design in the contest.

5. Contest starts from the minuite this was posted untill Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 12:00 AM EST (GMT -5)

6: To ensure entries are judged in the right catagory, please include which of the below catagories your entry best futs under.

Hand Drawn
Computer Generated Designs
Physical Models

7. Any kind of space worthy ship design is acceptable.

8. And above all, remember to have fun.

It is optional if you want to include what materials/software was used in the creation of your entry.

Captain Butters

There will be an in-game prize of 25,000 Energy Credits to each of the winners in the three catagories.

In addition, it has been suggested that we have a pot as well. The total pot will be divided evenly among the winners as closely as possible. If you wish to add to the total of the pot, include the amount along with your entry.

The pot will start at 13,000 EC.

1,033,000 EC

If I have placed the entries in the wrong catagory, please let me know.

Computer Generated:

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United Federation of Planets
Zenith-class Heavy Cruiser
Registry: NX-94780


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The Aftershock!

The ship is a physical model. You can see it by watching my UFO video in my signature. Most of you already have.