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03-12-2010, 03:28 PM
By this I assume you agree with at least some of the things I rambled on about. But I still mean everything I said. The starfleet I have come to know and respect does not exist in STO. Which is why I stated the mirror universe, if more in gest than anything.

The point is, Cryptic (and/or Atari) has made a shoter, a war game that on top MIGHT look like Star Trek but in the end just trade upon the name franchise AND make a **** poor job of it. And I was in the beginning positive and happy that someone had at least tried to make a decent game. But as I picked up episode after episode of ST I realised that Cryptic has not - watched any ST episodes that is. More likely they picked up episode resumes and picked names and places they like - and made it into a war game.

I am not so huge a fan as to place every episode into a star map so I won't go into the accuracy of the galaxy as STO portrays it but I wonder. But again I will not place my nose where I do not have at least passable knowledge.

Leaving the STO group is NOT because I do not like MMO's in general (though it might have at least begun it in the first place) and though I hoped and prayed that ATO would be different it was not different and enganging anough. Random encounters, raids, PvP maches that are four agains five hundred (exaggerated but not by much ) are not my thing, and the rest of the missions are in the end nothing to write home about. So again I will go back to single player games that makes some sort of sense and try to forget that STO ever existed. If STO is where the canon is pointing, then this is where I abandon ship - in a manner of speaking.

On a passing note I am at least glad I made senior member before I left. Probably because I am such a windbag on the forums.