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03-12-2010, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by doh123 View Post
Try playing with AA off, or AA off on he launcher at least.... see if its different.

Also, some video cards may have issues with the AA in general, as others have started crashing at the same place... he other person posting was on a 8600 which is close to the 8800 driver wise...

Here is a couple things to test if you do not mind...

run, go in Advanced, and Wineskin Tools.
Run regedit. in that go to current user, software, wine, Direct3D
look for the entry labeled "Multisampling" and change the "enabled" to "disabled"
then see if the game works...
if it does you'll have to use the /renderscale fix for the graphics bug as AA will not be available.

Make sure in that same place that useglsl is still disabled too... having that enabled causes a crash exactly like you describe..
Ok maybe I'm going crazy but the only entries I see are (default), UseGLSL, and Vertexshadermode