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03-12-2010, 05:42 PM
Fleet Admiral Pippen founded the 32nd fleet in March of the year 2000, in the original Starfleet Command game. He felt that something was missing in the way other fleets operated. Namely, that any fleet should aspire first and foremost to increase the enjoyment of the game for its members. This could only be accomplished by valuing the content of the character of members higher than their piloting skill. This seemingly obvious idea, revolutionary in the Starfleet Command universe, spawned the 32nd Fleet. We have grown from a few idealistic individuals to one of the largest and longest living fleets (clans or guilds) in existence. Our commitment to the ideals upon which we were founded has allowed us to survive and prosper through nine years that included the transition from Starfleet Command thru Starfleet Command II: Empires at War and Orion Pirates to Starfleet Command III then out to other games, and the peaceful transference of the Combined Fleet Admiral position many times over the years.

Honesty, honor and integrity are not words we pay homage to as abstract ideals. We cannot obtain them by trumpeting them across a website. If we are to survive, we must live them in all that we do. They are the unshakable rock upon which we build our house neither strife nor storm can destroy that rock. We honor the memory of the 32nd who have gone before us by maintaining our commitment to the principles they established. We hold aloft the torch lit from their spark, and remain forever, the Mighty 32nd.

The fleet has evolved over the years but still has its core ethics and ranks structure based on those from the Star Trek series which gives us not only a military style rank structure but also gives us a set of rules, morals, and duties that the fleet constantly strives to uphold and achieve.

Since the death of the Starfleet Command series of online games the 32nd Fleet was forced to evolve once again when we moved to World of ******** with our rules, morals, duties, and ranks still intact. The 32nd Fleet still remains in World of Warcarft to this very day but has also branched out to include squads in games such as Warhammer Online and Eve Online.

Throughout the existence of the fleet we have strived to maintain a family friendly atmosphere which encourages members of all ages to join the fleet and participate in fleet functions and daily operations. The fleet looks for members who have an attitude when online of putting the fleet first so that the experience of those in the fleet is not singular but generally benefits all within the fleet.

The fleet has been run over time by many dedicated individuals who have given of themselves selflessly. The best game players do not always make the best fleet officers since the 32nd Fleet looks more for the morals, integrity, and dedication to fleet of prospect member then pure gaming skill.