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03-12-2010, 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by Adrian-Thorn View Post
Yaaaaaayyyyy! Look at all that new content Klingon players will never get to enjoy! Thanks Cryptic, you're the best! Now I can play the Kahless Expanse without all the interruption episodic content would bring to the Klingon faction.
Aside from some minor frustrations I have of the video (showing video of missions that are already in the game, advertising T5 ships with the ships that are already in the game and not really showing anything new, with the exception of bridges) they DID show a lot of Klingon content.

Klingons will get this stuff that the developers are showing. Why on earth would they not? You act like they are holding a carrot in front of your face and they are never going to give it to you. I don't think Cryptic is one to commit suicide over the Star Trek IP.

Any kind of negative comment regarding Klingons from that video is ridiculous, unfounded and just un-true. Yeah, Klingon's got screwed at launch, but obviously, this is getting fixed.