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03-12-2010, 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by h2orat
Actually there is a lot of Klingon footage in the video -

What ship is engaging the crystalline entity - it's klingon, are those federation players fighing the Borg on STF 2 - they look klingon to me... half the bridges shown are Klingon, half the ships shown in t5 are Klingon, etc.

Klingon content is coming and a good part of update 1 has Klingon content in it.

BTW part 2 of the video has even more of a Klingon footprint - there is an entire section called Klingon PVE content showing some of the genesis content being worked on and some of the revamped Fleet Actions you guys get.

Remember also the new STF missions are playable by the Klingons also.
This is precisely what has me - along with so many other players - annoyed. You're absolutely right, there is footage of Klingons in this film. We have Klingons sitting on the bridge, klingons swinging their Batleths, and some Klingon ships traveling in a straight line. Flip over to the other side of things and what do you see? Federation battles against Q and the Borg. Entire new species being introduced to the Federation faction. The basics of a new faction (the Undine) being demoed. There is an inexplicable imbalance at work here.

Cryptic has had 45 days to create new content. In that time we've seem them add a huge component to the end game and make major changes to the Federation faction along with although the various other updates that have been piled onto the Feds. If Cryptic were a waiter, and the two factions were customers, the Feds would be a spoiled, fat kid and the Klingons would be a starving, impoverished Ethopian. Sure that fat kid has plenty to "live off of" for 45 days but what the hell, lets give him as much food as possible now. The Ethiopian can wait.

I'm testing Tribble and from what I can tell there is very little difference between whats in tribble now and what is going to be released in the major update. I've the Klingon side heavily and you know what I've noticed? Take away the "new ship" (which, as players more astute than I have pointed out, has the exact same stats as a tier two Fed ship thus making it nothing more than a reskinned Fed ship), when you finish looking at the useless rooms that are the new bridges, when you look past the minor FX changes, when you get past the fact that FINALLY something is being done about the Klingon faction, you realize that there is surprisingly little content that has been added for the Klingons. We have a new pvp map, three new fleet actions, and a dull exploration sector that is totally bereft of anything that remotely resembles a story?

I've got a scenario for you. Imagine if JK Rowling announced a sequel to the Harry Potter series. After making her adoring fanbase wait years and years, she shows her fans pictures of the new book cover. When its finally released fans are in a frenzy. They buy their book, take it home, open it up and realize that the story is EXACTLY the same as the book that before it; except the characters have undergone name changes. Tell me - would such an update really constitute "new" content? Or would such a release be in fact the complete opposite - what is in truth a lack of new content?

I know I can play the end game content. I know I can play the same fleet actions that the Feds are going to be playing - Cryptic emphasizes that like some groundbreaking new feature. I don't want Federation content with a brand new cover. I don't want Federation content with a few names changed. I want Klingon content. If the Klingon faction had never existed - Cryptic would have released more end game content. If the Klingon faction had never existed - Cryptic would have released more fleet actions. We are not seeing the addition of Klingon Content, we are seeing the addition of STO content. So no, nothing in this update or that video should logically lead me to believe that something is being done about the Klingons.

I will admit that I haven't played all the Klingon content on Tribble. This is intentional. Why? Because from what I've seen thus far, I don't expect another "content" addition for the Klingon faction for a while. Gotta maintain the novelty for as long as you can.....

You say another video is coming out that shows ACTUAL Klingon content. Thats what I want. I understand this takes time. I understand development is difficult. I understand Cryptic has a lot on their plate. But when the culmination of 45 days of development time brings the Klingons RED transporter beams - I have something to be annoyed about. When Cryptic hops on fixing the minor Fed ship inaccuracies that only the obsessive compulsive would notice while simultaneously ignoring the appalling "Alpha version" nature of sash clipping on Klingon uniforms - I have something to worry about. Rather than Craig farting around, dodging questions and getting defensive in interviews, rather than conducting vague Klingon Q&As which are nothing but fluff, I want to SEE what is being done. I want to SEE proof that an effort is being to made make the Klingons just as robust as the Federation. That is genuine transparency - the kind that Cryptic supposedly is advocating in their latest state of the game.

Why on earth would they not?
Even though the bulk of my post really address your response, I felt like I should hit on this specifically. You've inadvertently explained why I am not the least bit impressed with all this new "Klingon content" being added. When you've gone through the trouble of developing new pvp maps, new fleet actions, new missions for the Federation (remember, the fact that Klingons can play it is just an addendum to the original announcement) why not release it for the Klingons? The Klingon faction is an after thought. It was an afterthought when the game was in development, an afterthought when the game was released and as near as I can tell that hasn't changed a bit. This "Klingon" content being added is Cryptic throwing the Klingon players a bone - nothing more. It took no specific intention or energy on the Klingon faction or its fanbase.