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03-12-2010, 10:58 PM
Science Officer and my Main / RP Character is still on her T1 since I have been taking things slow with her and mostly RP'ng.

Lt Desiree Natasha Yarakova
USS Elysian Shade - TOS Constitution Class - Named for my long standing heroine in City of Heroes. Ship Name is her Hero name and character name is her secret idenity.

Tactical Officer and highest character

Capt Sasha Labree
T1) USS Yorktown - Named for both the WWII aircraft carrier and the US Revolutionary War battle.

T2) USS Beecher Island - Named for a frontier battle that took place on the eastern plains of Colorado.

T3) USS Vimy Ridge - Named for the WWI battle in France.

T4) USS Coral Sea - Named for the WWII naval battle in the South Pacific near Australia