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I just cancelled my sub, and I feel better already. My free month gives me one more day, but afterwards I guess I will lose access to the forums too. Not that it realy means anything to me anymore, even if you all seem more than decent lads/lassies. :p

I hope this game gets better, for those who I am leaving behind. I don't know halv of you as much as I'd like, and like less than half of you as much as you deserve. Or something. But this is the end. I'm leaving. Goodbye...

*Oldwizard vanish into thin air

- - - - -

So unless someone wants to discuss ST or STO missions, I won't make any more winded and uneccecarily long posts anywhere. *Yay! Whoops and whistles. Thunderous applaus.*

- The Oldwizard has left the building