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# 1 Exploration Missions
03-13-2010, 07:41 AM
This is really bothering me. Almost every exploration mission involves beaming down to a planet, scanning stuff, and killing more people than a ship could carry. Which means I am the most unlucky captain ever. Because everywhere I go there's a shipload of people waiting to kill me. Also, many feature beaming onto a base and killing everyone aboard. Why is this? It's murder. Plain and simple. These people have done nothing wrong. Even the random Romulan bases have done nothing to me other than having a base there. So what's the Starfleet response? Kill everyone for being in unexplored space. Why? I refuse to do these missions and be a murderer. If they attack me first fine, I'll fight them. But beaming onto a base for no reason and slaughtering people IS EVIL! Pure and simple.