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03-13-2010, 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by doh123 View Post
sounds like normal camera movements for certain camera options... I haven't noticed the problem.... but its possible that its always been there and I haven't used Windows (at all for anything...) since I got this working. If your camera settings aren't changing, thats probably what the problems is... i'll switch mine around a lot to test when i get a chance to play and see if i can figure anything out.
...and it's back to normal today. I logged on this morning intending to record exactly which options 40b misbehaves with, but it won't do it now. Movement is normal and when I select options they stick now. Yesterday the problem persisted through 3 restarts, but today I can't repeat it.

The camera issue I was having does sound like something which might be a normal option (though I can't figure out what does that; "free camera" doesn't). I tried to duplicate the turning behavior, but if I set "Always Face Forward" to "Off" then instead of the character rotating independently of the camera (as it was doing yesterday), the camera rotates independently of the character.

I can't find any option which causes the character to turn on a left-click and drag.

Basically I can't find any options in the STO in-game UI which might cause the odd behavior, and can't repeat the behavior even though the only thing I did differently was wait overnight. I haven't looked to see if there might have been something enabled through text. The only oddity today is that my graphics settings were reverted to the game's default when I first logged in today, but my changes have been sticking since then.

Also, I'm not sure if I was unclear, but I wasn't referring to differences between 40b and running STO on Windows -- I meant that 40b was behaving differently than Beta4. But now it's not >.<