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03-13-2010, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by ggsimmonds View Post
But even the non combat ones are incredibly boring. Go here, press "F". Now go there and press "F".

Why not make missions have a detective feel? The story is already there. Many early missions have you go to a base to determine what happened, but it solves its self after you press "F"

How about something along the lines of "who attacked the base?" where you look at the logs and question the crew for clues. You can ask your BO for advice/input but in the end you have to determine who attacked and if you are wrong, you still "pass" the mission, but get a XP penalty or a diminshed reward.

And give us diplomacy! Allow us to solve disputes without the use of force. I get so tired of entering a system to encounter the following:
Species A: help! Species B are on our base and will not leave!
Starfleet: No problem, we'll just slaughter them all for you.

I also love how you contact Starfleet to inform them of your situation and hear the following:
"It is the Federations policy not to get involved in private disputes....aww screw it. Just kill the basterds

Yep thats my suggestion exactly. There are alot of people out there that want more variety and more choice. I don't mind killing mobs now and then but every single fight ? rofl.