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03-13-2010, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by DarthDozer
There now that I have dealt with the idiots on a level they can get there brains around. If anyone has anything intelligent to add to the fact that there is no Klingon game play by all means post it. What these morons do not comprehend is that without balanced opposing factions no MMO can be truly successful. So if you are reading this and are a STO fanboi you had better get busy letting the DEVs know that there is a serious problem with the current state of the game.

To the morons who jump for joy that yet another person who is dissatisfied is leaving I can only say that when this game folds in less than a year unless Cryptic makes drastic sweeping changes "Have fun going down with the flagship"

This and other reviews hit right on the head.

To Bill Roper; Get a job in another industry you have no clue what makes a good game.

To all trolls who reply after this; BITE ME

Despite your awesome avatar, you seem to have some issues you need to work on.

While the Klingon faction doesn't have much PvE content, it was touted as the PvP faction where PvP was going to be the primary means of leveling up. They also told us that PvE would be an option for leveling, but it would be much slower and not nearly as fun as the PvP method.

I find this to be fairly true for the faction..of course. The fact they are adding more PvE content tells me that the are listening to the desires of their players to have more content for the Klingon faction. This content isn't going to go in over night and it isn't just a "copy/paste" operation. We will get more content on the Klingon side, you just have to give it time.

Will the Klingon side ever be as fleshed out as the Federation side? I really have no clue though I suspect it will never be as fleshed out as the Federation experience.

If you don't have the patience or desire to wait, then that is cool. If you just want to cancel your sub till more content is added, that is cool. If you want to keep playing and trying to enjoy what is here, that is also cool.

Whatever your choice, I hope you enjoy yourself