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Originally Posted by ValinAntilles View Post
Id have to say, my strangest Halo story occured when i worked at walmart, in electronics. When you work retail in a small town, you kinda get to know your clientele(even though winnemucca has 16,000 people, not all of them game). There was this one dude who would come in every month or so, with like a shopping cart full of canned food, and would stop at electronics and stare at the games. I always thought this guy was looking for something for his grandkids or something (the guy was ancient, he had those deep weathered lines and very tan skin) This, i thought to myself oneday, is just a man who needs guidance in selecting a game for his great grand-something. I walk up to Him, and ask if theres anything i can do. You have to understand, i live in a hick cowby/mining town and this guy was the epitome of Cowboy. He had one of those old fashion cowboy hats, not the one youre thinking of, but the flat brimmed stiff one, like the Pilgrims in Secret Window. He has this crazy long handlebar mustache thats popular with the local basque residents, all thin and stiff. He was ancient as all hell, and weathered land squinty like he had spent the first 60 years of his life engagen in a staring contest with the sun. I wouldnt have been surprised if someone told me that, actually, and then i wouldnt have questioned them even if they told me he won.

So i ask this guy what hes looking for....and he dives into a longwinded rant about how we dont have Psychonauts. My Jaw must have dropped. He had been looking for it for months, because one of his WoW officers wouldnt shut up about the damn thing. My jaw must have fallen all the way to the ground at this point. WoW? as in World of ********, i asked? Of Course! He lauhed and gave a knowing look. He explained that he was in fact a real cowboy. He only came into town once a month during the summer to stock up on supplies, and then not at all during winter. He has a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, where he stays while he takes care of livestock for some big time rancher. Apparently he has a gas generator and some solar panels to power his gaming needs. He has satellite internet which sucks for gaming but being as he was out in he middle of nowhere, he coudnt complain too much. He owned a PS2, a 360, most of the older systems, and a killer pc rig. He was single, and preferred it that way.

after gathering my wits i mention that i saw a copy of psychonauts at the local pawn shop not too long ago, and he thanked me ever so kndly and meandered off, but not before purchasing Halo 2.

That encounter blew my mind, i have to say.
Another excellent story.