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Captain: "Sparks! Full power to engines!"

Engineer: "I can't, captain!"

Captain: "Why not?"

Engineer: "Er, dunno..."

We need prominent debuff icons to show us what the hell is going on regarding our ship in combat!

And whilst on the subject of User Interface... the UI of this great game is one of the worst aspects of STO and thankfully one of the most (relatively) simple things to fix.

We need a proper user configurable UI (and that does NOT mean just moving the elements some dev thinks we need to a different part of the screen... i.e the designers need to give the user part of the user interface more thought). I mean which bright spark thought it was a good idea to make the bridge officer trays disappear if we wanted to show three rows of power icons? And why can we not stretch the trays out all the way along the screen if we want rather than cutting us off at 8 or 10?

And don't get me going about DEATH BY DIALOGUE BOX... grrrr.... dialogue should appear on the SIDE of the screen and wait me ME to decide when it is safe to interact with it.