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Doing the K7 missions in Karrat. Its not a pvp mission so why are there irratating cowardly klinglons in there. Nothing is more fustrating then trying to do a mission and dealing with borq cubes and having the rats of this game, cloaked waiting for you have no shields, and hull damag at about 50% (this is a very fair confrontation to a Klingon) and have a klink uncloak finish you off sometimes, its kinda funny really.

Mostly they run when they get in trouble even after the fact but anyways they clean your clock and think they have accomplished something. Cryptic should remove them from this type of mission. I have tried to reason with a few of them, yeah I Know, mental issues with the klingon empire but they basically have told me they dont care about the missions, they are there to ambush feds. Cryptic please fix this.