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03-14-2010, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
Funny, since I'm facing you right now your insistence on calling me an earther can only mean that your are so blind that whoever in the Klingon High Command allowed you to fly anything more dangerous than a shuttle should be shamefully executed.

Since when does a Klingon warrior need a "permission"? Do you ask the High Command for "permission" before going to the toilet? Are you a Klingon warrior or a Jem'hadar lapdog?

Since James Tiberius Kirk never bedded a Klingon woman I am pretty sure that this is not the case.

Maybe you should ask that traitor General Worf about the true story. If he has one last shred of honour in him he will maybe share it with you. Admiral Spock didn't attack Romulus but destroyed the supernova that obliterated the Romulus system and would have destroyed Quo'nos with its next eruption.

Your chancellor has broken the peace treaties and tried to take possession of Federation space. Since the Federation is so peace-loving we will have peace when you are out of Federation territory and give up. If my opinion would matter this war would only be other when the Federation stands in the High Council on Quo'nos over J'mpoks dead body!
Dear Earther,
I ask the Klingon High Command any question that deals with betrayal. Your arms dealing brother is a traitor and will be fed to the Targs when I find him. In case you do not know this, we are fighting the jem hadar. Their warships attack alongside the cardassians. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have destroyed several in battle.

I'm sure your Surian Federation President would be exremely happy with listening to your excellent diplomacy skills. You should be the one to ask for permission from your superiors.

Oh yes....after the federation's supernova destroyed the romulan homeworlds, Spock shut off the starfleet device with red matter. How very convienient. He tried to cover up his treachery....true klingons know the truth. Yet another federation superweapon.

Earther in a starfleet uniform, You do know of Khitomer, correct? Romulans took it from us. When we reclaimed it, your Starfleet began to meddle in affairs that it should never of been in. That's all the federation does... They are just like the borg. You invade our space without provocation! I guarantee you though, we shall end this conflict when we land on Earth.

Do not insult the Klingon High Command. J'mpoks is a great warrior and should not be talked of dishonorably. I should personally cut your tongue out for your insulence.

I await your staggering wit of a communique aboard my Flagship.

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