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03-14-2010, 11:04 AM
I can tell you at least where the Joined Trill is. On Federation side. Other than the Klingon Empire, Trill is not at war with the Feds and has never been. There are no Trill born in Klingon space that would now still be there and side with the KDF, because the Klingons were never as open as the Feds about buying a nice little house on their planets.

For everything else... Give the Klingons more; give them the ships and uniforms of their allies, give them hair other than dreadlocks, give them the missing females plus outfit options, a pet that does at least something (I had no idea the targ does nothing, btw), content... and I'm in. But no Joined Trill. Rolls up my toenails to think about the possible "but it COULD be canon" excuses for that. It would be just as bad over there as it is in a Federation with felt 50 % liberated Borg in command.