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03-14-2010, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by LnD-Rash View Post
So if a Klingon Ship appears much more sturdy then the Federation Ships, the only explanation to this would be that the player had a better BO, Equipment and Player Skill setup then you guys...
I think the lower-damage ability of fed cruisers also makes it seem like klingon cruisers last longer.

But yes, every cruiser i've gone up against in my K'tinga so far has been pummeled with me hardly taking any damage. I've got rare covariant shields, skill points into the cruiser stats maxed out, 2x reverse shield polarity, engineering team, two other shield abilities, and a pha/dis/tet/pla uncommon resist console. Not to mention the crap load of cannons on the ship that when used with rapid fire make for more damage than any other tier 3 ship by far...