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03-14-2010, 12:14 PM
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Thank you for the detailed roles. At this time, he would need to work from home but he is very capable of you telling him what needs to be done and he is VERY goal driven. If you saw the pages and pages of his writing down the statistics on how to break the slot machine type games and that when he grades the students papers for his teacher, he loves to give them an "F" if the percentage is teetering on the cusp (all becasue they did sloppy work or forgot to put their name on the paper) - he has a sense of humor too.

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Sounds to me like someone from the Nevada Gaming Commission should be looking at him with great interest.

There is somewhere that he will fit ... he just might have to wait until he's taken some deeper math and statistical classes from the local university.

There are sooo many places math, statistics, and probabilities can be used (and not necessarily in the programming field) ... its just a matter of finding it.