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03-14-2010, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by jinwu_one View Post

I understand that this thread didn't belong in the STO discussion forum, but it as the largest forum where I could get the most views on this unique subject. I avoided Ten Forward as it seemed to focus on mini-skirts and such and I thought that just once, a posting in a different forum would be considered.

Anyway, I hope that this thread continues to get all the great suggestions and hopefully, someone who works in an industry that would consider this young man's gifts will actually see it in Ten Forward.

Respectfully, Lt. Grace

I dont know if he has good memorization and spelling skills, but if he does...........MEDICAL CODING is where that boy needs to be.

He can work from home, by listening to (or reading) Drs and coding their procedures for billing. Aka Doc says "chest xray" would translate to (Completely made up here) 10-5-6. 10 for chest, 5 for lungs, 6 for x-ray. The only thing about it is he would need to memorize some hard medical terms and remember how to SPELL them properly.