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03-14-2010, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by jinwu_one View Post

OMG, he can do both - he has a photographic memory I believe. These are the types of suggestions that his parents would never have thought of!!! They have been trying to sign him up at the local college and trying to figure out if he can take 2 buses to get there and not even know what college is actually going to do for him.

Thank you everyone for these valid suggestions - I knew the STO community could think "out of the box" on this one.

Keep these ideas coming.

Sincerely, Lt. Grace

Ummmmmm....on that note this DOES require a certification course that will take about 2-3 years, however that also can be done mostly from home (internet classes).

If memorization is his thing, he can make a lot of money in this field. You do not get paid by the hour (typically) you get paid by how many you complete correctly.

Anyway, I guess his folks would be the ones to determine if it is the right fit. Also medical billing, medical transcription, and medical coding are not the same thing, though closely related.

Edit: Ctrl+P will usually print the page.

Edit 2: The current medical coding book is ICD-9-CM 2010

Small example;

11 Operations on cornea
11.4 Excision or destruction of tissue or other lesion of cornea
11.41 Mechanical removal of corneal epithelium
That by chemocauterization
that for smear or culture (11.21)
11.42 Thermocauterization of corneal lesion
11.43 Cryotherapy of corneal lesion
11.49 Other removal or destruction of corneal lesion
Excision of cornea NOS
biopsy of cornea (11.22)

I do not do this for a living, but my neighbor does, so I am just the go-between for this stuff lol.