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03-14-2010, 02:07 PM
Originally Posted by CDT100 View Post
Wow, i don't like complaining, but its been over 2 weeks now with no STO for me

And yes, i do live in Britain so there is still connection problems.

I'm just wondering if any progress is being made by the staff/tech team.

I topped up my account time about 3 weeks ago, and then i find that i am not playing it now. Money almost wasted i'm begining to think
Well for most people who suffered from these widespread connectivity issues the problem was solved a few days after it began, so if you're still having it now then it's possible your problem is a different one and not related to this widespread outage.

Have you tried playing around with the proxy settings as I suggested to a person just above your post? Try changing your proxy settings in the launcher - try None, EU and US. See if either of those 3 will let you connect. Tick the box 'patch via proxy' if you get stuck after logging in, but before the button ENGAGE appears.

If changing proxies doesn't help then I suggest making a new thread in the technical support forums for your problem as there's some very knowledgable people in there trying to people out.

A good start to getting help would be to post some basic specifications of your system, like your OS, type of network connection (wireless or wired, router / modem type, etc), as well as doing a tracert to the patch server and posting the results - also run the Nettest utility and post those results.

You can find out how to do most of this stuff on the page here: