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03-14-2010, 04:07 PM
I have a query regarding in-game support from GMs.

I'm sure they're mostly all lovely and hard working people, but in the various tickets I have submit on a range of issues I have only ever received one response within the friendly side of 3 hours and even then it was just canned responses. It might be just because I am from Australia and thus there aren't many on, but it also might be a case of the issues I've reported are not something that GMs can address within STO.

Like you stated, each company does it differently, and I have seen comments in some threads that GMs are unable to help with issues such as re-spawning NPCs that in other games like WoW, a GM can do easily. It might simply be that such actions are inappropriate for STO, against Cryptic policy etc, however, at the moment the only expectations I have of in-game support are my experiences from other MMOs such as WoW and AO. That is not to say that their practices and systems are right, or even applicable to the technology or structure of STO/Cryptic, but rather I'm lacking a clear idea of what it is that Cryptic thinks its support will be providing us.

Can you provide the playerbase firstly with some kind of description of the hours in which GMs are operating in; ie is staffing moderately consistent for all 24hrs of the globe or are they all in the US and the graveyard shift is only five people?

Secondly, what kind of issues can the GMs actually help us with, and what kind of issues are we just going to get a copy and paste response that doesn't help us at all and wastes a GMs time in having to read and respond to when they can't help?