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# 11 The power of one.
03-14-2010, 10:23 PM
While prowling the neutral zone in my ship the Crimson Wave I observed a large fleet of Federation ships attempting to recover technology from a Borg hub. Upon coming out of warp into the system I was set upon by 1/2 dozen federation dogs. With skilled piloting and great actions of my able crew I was able to escape and evade this death trap. Now it was my turn to hunt.

The feds where grouping and staying in tight formation. I did a quick scan to see if any of my Klingon brothers where present so that they might share in the glory. Fortunately there where none so the honor of the kills were mine to take.

I decloaked and almost imediately blew away a science ship with rapid firing cannons. I then swung over to an escourt whom made the mistake of not accounting for the Klingon Warrior whom had escaped their death trap. The fed burst crimson as my cannon and overloaded quantum torpedoes allowed him the privillege of dying in battle. By now the remaining escourt and cruiser had started to fire on me. Quick maneuvering and fast firing soon destroyed the other escourt. Finally my battered ship danced the death dance with the remaining cruiser and with little hull left sent the fed cruiser to meet his fate.

I then battle cloaked and assesed the situation. My ears were meet by the indignant bleating of Federation dogs whom where upset that a true wolf had come to lessen their flocks. I had accomplished my goal of reminding those of the federation that so long as one Klingon Warrior exists that their lifes blood is ours for the taking.