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03-14-2010, 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by Kyronea View Post
Ever since the past couple of patches, the game has gone from excellent to completely tanking graphics wise.

I get huge amounts of rubber-banding, rubber-banding on steroids basically to where my ship or character will snap back to its former location several times a second, constantly, rendering it completely out of my control even as things around me continue to act. (Often meaning that my ship is defenseless and is destroyed in a matter of seconds.)

If that wasn't enough, even when that's not happening the framerate has suddenly dropped enormously.

I can't see how it could be an issue on my side. I've got a quad core CPU with eight gigs of DDR3 RAM and an NVidia 9400 GFX card, and, as I said, it was performing beautifully up until the past couple of patches when suddenly this started to happen, without my having altered anything. And nothing I do seems to stop it. I've tried messing with the video settings many times, even setting them at the lowest settings and I still get the exact same problem. I've ensured nothing else is running in the background and still, same problem no matter what. It essentially renders the game unplayable, and I am completely baffled by what could be causing it.
just FYI, that 9400 isnt even a proper gaming card, and it performs horribly in most of the testing i have seen for games period. STO is no slouch @ beating on graphics cards, and while it may have been performing well enough to play on, i would hardly consider it gaming worthy in the first place. it only has 16 stream processors, putting it at a level comparable to integrated graphics. by comparison, a 9800GT has 112, and a 9800GTX has 128 (within the same generation), and the 9800GT costs less than $100 most places for the 512mb version now.

with that said, i havent noticed this on any of 3 rigs, one running an HD5870, one running an HD5850, and one running 2 HD5870s in crossfire. all are running the 10.2 catalyst driver pack. everyone complaining about problems needs to include driver version and card in use or the devs cant collect meaningful data with which to correct the problem unless you crash the game and send an error report in

ed: seems someone beat me to it lol. maybe i should pull out my 8800GT or my laptop which has a GT240M and test both of them for the problem. if no one can find an ATI card exhibiting this behavior i will test it