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I think the general consensus around here, and definitely within my fleet, is that ground combat is UNBEARABLY mind numbing, boring, tedious, and not fun. Oh, and ridiculously easy. I know for me it's nothing but incessantly mashing on buttons waiting fro the enemy to die, while I myself nor my bridge crew is presented with even the slightest bit of challenge or danger. I know they are changing something with the exploit/expose mechanics in the next update, but I have my own suggestion.

Get rid of exploit and just make it so that EVERY attack deals heavy damage to exposed enemies. All weapons with expose attacks will stay the same, and all weapons with exploit attacks would be changed to expose attacks. That way every secondary attack will have a chance to expose. Attacks on exposed enemies would deal not as much damage as an exploit would do now, but still, a nice big boost.

1. Removes the brain-dead binary nature of ground combat. It's not "strategy" and don't try to tell me it is.
2. Makes ground combat go by a lot faster.
3. Eliminates the annoyance of having to hopelessly watch your exposed enemy recover before your exploit attack recharges.
4. Limits the dependence on away team A.I. to intelligently set up and use exploit/expose combos.
5. It makes sense. An exposed enemy would take extra damage from pretty much any attack one would think.
6. We all know this game is about ship combat. Might as well make the ground combat go by quicker.
7. Reduce the spawn sizes. Srsly, I'm taking out like 150 dudes every time I step foot on a planet. That doesn't feel right in the ST universe, and it severely adds to the tedium the combat already presents. You don't earn JACK for skill points on ground missions anyway, so who cares if you cut the number of mobs in half?

I've previously mentioned that a vast reduction in enemy and player HP would make the ground combat a lot more fun as well. I still stand by that suggestion today. I literally lose ALL interest in the game as soon as I have my bridge officer tell me we need to beam down to the planet. If the ground combat was bad but still exciting in some way, I wouldn't mind. However, not only is it bad, but it's a total buzz kill. NEEDS SERIOUS OVERHAULIN'