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03-15-2010, 12:27 AM
Happened to me as well yesterday. On my first attempt I completed the run, we downed the queen, but my mission progress got stuck at Fact or Fiction too.

I dropped the mission completely and tried to re-do it, only to end up in a team in which two members repeatedly decided to run into a room filled with 3 groups of borg, die within seconds to them and of course wipe the entire group in the process. We never made it past the third big room at the beginning.

So, until I either feel like giving it a shot again or this mission is fixed, I probably won't run Infected again, as I do not enjoy the prospect of doing a mission that, if the bug occurs: at BEST takes 2 hours to complete with nothing to show for but actually having beaten the queen and maybe 2 or 3 mostly not-so-useful items; at WORST however takes up to 4 hours while costing more in terms of resources than I earn and a team that dissolves because of not being able to beat the queen.

I like Infected, the mission itself meets my taste of a challenging, yet doable encounter - but with both the chance to have utter idiots for teammates and to not get credit because of a progression glitch, I fail to find much fun in it.

FYI: I'm not in a fleet, I enjoy being kind of a "freelancer", and I know that this brings the questionable entertainment of getting teammates who basically don't know jack - but I can endure that, as long as the game itself doesn't decide to add in some nasty bugs.
And not getting mission credit for a 2 - 4 hours STF qualifies as "nasty" in my book.