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Question 1:
How do you beat the thing?

The following are what I believe to be true, but I am open to other suggestions, since none of this has been proven to me so far:

-The CE heals everytime a shard is destroyed (whether attacked or it hits someone)
-If players fly in the same direction around the CE The crystals will form a string and thus be relatively harmless.

Question 2:
How do you get a bunch of randome strangers to adopt a winning strategy?

Recently I was in a 16 man instance against this thing and we were failing misrably. I formed a team of people who where interested in finally seeing that damn thing beat, and so we went through instances untillo we found one that seemed good. However, others soon joined and ruined it for us.

This is the best way of trying to get people to do things right I found. Suggestions?