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03-15-2010, 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by LimoDriver
-The CE heals everytime a shard is destroyed (whether attacked or it hits someone)
-If players fly in the same direction around the CE The crystals will form a string and thus be relatively harmless.
Nope, the Crytaline Entity heals when "Small Fragments" get back to it.
3 "Small Fragments" are created when a "Large Fragment" hits a Target (Player, Mine, Heavy Plasma,Tricobalt, anything that is targetable and friendly on your screen).

If you blow up a "Large Fragment" with a not targetable weapon (Beam, Cannon, most Torpedoes exept for Plasma and Tricobalt) small fragments are not spawned and the main Entity will not get healed.

The Entity has self regeneration too but that isnt nearly as bad as the small fragments.

Originally Posted by LimoDriver
How do you beat the thing?
Well you dont usually because theres always someone to ruin it.