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03-15-2010, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
While that is true to a certain extent if you have a professional attitude towards the mission and you wish to complete it as quickly as possable with no deaths/respawns and certainly not a team wipe a good mixed team that is well kited, fitted and with plenty of personal healing and shield buffs is required.

5 of any class can get through it without dying or they can get through it fast if they do not care about dying but for speed and effectivness a balanced team is better.

The game is way too forgiving towards skilless and crappy game play and as such breeds bad habits in the player base.
I can see why you mihgt be right. I haven't tried it yet so I cannot be sure but I'm going to try and be as prepared as I can be. I suspect that it's not that Infected is impossibly difficult, but that the game has been pretty easy up until that point, so players are shocked they actually have to THINK and TRY for once :p