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03-15-2010, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
Amen. And STO is still better than the last movies and Enterprise.

Concerning the Defiant: Is it really THE Defiant? Or is it a new one that's called Defiant out of tradition? I saw her firing cannons, I guess she has the same load-out a player captain get's with his Defiant, a mix of beam phasers, cannons and photon torpedoes. If it should be the original Defiant the canonical load-out would be two dual phaser cannons and two quantum torpedo launchers fore and one beam array and one quantum torpedo launcher aft. But there are thinks they should look at before that. Like the Prometheus and Nova firing dual phasers from the bussard collectors.

I'm not asking for the exact layout from DS9, but you'd think after being explained that when sisko made it what it was, it became viable to use starfleet-wide which is why it should reflect that in the game, it just looked silly, and plain wrong to have the "Defiant" in this mission firing beam phasers where cannons should be firing, and even at that firing out of the graphically wrong place on the hull to boot, to borrow some dramatic license here to illustrate why this is incredibly annoying to me... imagine this...

The Opening Borg battle scene in First contact.... we see the defiant swooping between large debris and firing cannons... hitting the cube several times... cooll got it...

Now enter the Cryptic-Prise... the Sovereign class ship flies in firing Phaser cannons from the tips of the Warp nacelles, and Quantum torpedoes from the Bridge Dome on top of the hull..

now if that had made it into the movie.. trek fans would have rioted.. I'm not advocating a doomsayer attitude here, just miffed that they chose to use an ACTUAL canon ship in a mission, then made it out to be completely NON-Cannon, and I agree with the Prometheus problems too.. it's just wrong, and a developer should have had the eyes to spot this before open-beta even...