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# 12 PvP vs PvE vs RvR
03-15-2010, 09:59 AM

As a KDF General I have seen a lot of PvP (as many of my fellow KDF BGs have). Personally I'm bored with the limited amount of maps and the messed up queue manager. I would love more things to do as KDF (PvE) wise. There is such a rich storyline on the Klingon side I find it silly that Cryptic couldnt come up with some content.

It is also laughable for anyone to believe that the Klingons were always envisioned as a PvP only faction. This was a lame attempt to explain away why Klingons don't have content. It is more likely that there were bigger ideas on the table (playable races and content) but these ideas were scrapped / seriously delayed due to internal forces (just a guess: Atari wanting some cash flow).

Why aren't the Romulans / Kardassian /( insert favorite race here ) playable? Why aren't there contested areas of the map where RvR for planets and resources are fought over? Why isn't there customization on the KDF side (clothing / ship design)?

Whats sad to see is that this game is taking a hard hit because of its lack of vision, from a storyline rich in thoughts and ideas. Its also sad to see the same attempt at catch, up by the developer, that we as experienced MMO players have seen before. Such as "Oh, we will insert that content in future patches and updates."

What we need is PvE / PvP AND RVR to make this game worth while. Not just a rehash of the same tired maps (now allowing FvF PvP) or more broken / can't form a Klingon group for Infected / Cure / insert Federation centric content.

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