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03-15-2010, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by Cagon
Yes, it's true! The QA in the german translation is horrible - like Eisbrecher2 said before. The translation has not been finished yet and is a lot buggy.. (html tags in hail, missing borders of sector space, missing signs in bases etc.) We all know, you have plenty things to do but please pay more attention on the translated versions as well !
Please allow me to comment here.

HTML Tags in hail: This has not been in the game for some time. If you have actively seen this yourself, then please report it. After talking to the community both in game and on the German forums however the HTML issue was resolved and has since not appeared.

The text you see in sector space on sector borders is not a localization issue, you will sadly also see it in the English client.
The signs in bases are related to this issue and can be seen in the English client as well.

The new issue in which you see rows of "T's" in the interface is being looked at, but I would ask you to please keep the issue to one thread instead of trying to cross-link.

Thanks much!