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03-15-2010, 12:47 PM
Hull Strength is separate from Power Levels

This is the in-game display of how well your ship is holding itself together, versus how well your ships systems are functioning.

If you want to stop the enemy from firing back, then you need to focus your fire on their systems, instead of just on empty space in the ship.

Hull damage is the sparks and explosions in the random corridors and hallways of the ship. It's the hull breach on Deck 10 that leads to several Redshirts getting sucked out into space (crew damage).

While system damage, such as a Phaser proc, or Tac BO skill, or Sci ship ability, is when consoles on the bridge explode, Geordi runs around with a fire extinguisher, Spock has to go get irradiated, and the toilets won't flush.

Now what I'd kinda like to see myself, when it comes to "Death Penalty" that everyone's so keen on adding.

When you "die", your ship doesn't explode. It just becomes disabled for a time, and basically gets dragged out of harms way by one of your own shuttles.

Then you "come back to life", but suffer a -5 to Power Levels and Crew Regen for some amount of time (say 5min). This is to reflect the damage to ships systems, and the state of disarray in Sick Bay.

If you "die" again during that 5min, you get another -5 added, and the 5min timer resets.

Eventually, you'll have to sit out the 5min timer in a dark corner somewhere, because all your Power Levels are -50.