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03-15-2010, 02:36 PM
A single sector of all tier FvK PvP with big signs saying "Here be PvP, enter and you will DIE!" What's so hard about that? No rewards per se, but allow the "kill X number of enemy captains" or "die Y number of times in battle." Just plain FUN!
You will find that any MMO activity which does not offer substantive rewards is ignored by nearly the entire community. The whole reason that people play MMOs, and the reason they have become so popular, is that you get something back for the time you put in. MMOs work because players are willing to invest time (a lot more than they would in a single player game, generally) in order to harvest rewards from that invested time that give them an advantage when playing the game.

MMO players don't do things for free, for long. If you want them to PvP, you have no choice but to give them a reason (beyond 'it's fun') to do so.