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03-15-2010, 03:02 PM
I think targeting systems and taking them out is separate from systems being destroyed simply because the ship is hit. Let me explain.

Targeting systems might should be for situations when you want to disable a ship for the purpose of capturing it, stealing its data, supplies, crew members etc. For example in ST3 with Kruge attempts to target engines in order to disable the Grissom. That's now how it is now, instead it is somewhat clumsy and because battles are so brief in space, its kinda pointless to use those abilities when you can simply blow up the target.

Ships losing systems due to damage is more like in ST2's battle in the Mutara Nebula where random hits were taking out engines, weapons and so on. No one targeted anything, It was just random hits. So with this in mind, making battles slightly longer and incorporating this kind of damage system along with appropriate repair abilities like miracle worker and engineering team.

And in fact it could be much simpler to implement if the Dev Team were short on time. Tie the available power directly to the available hull on a ship to simulate the loss of systems. Then give targets more hull to stretch out battles slightly and make them feel more epic. Reduce those patrols with 3 targets per wave to 2 targets and make the battle a little more like ST2.