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03-15-2010, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by Maraculus View Post
I just posted this in another thread but I'll share it here.

Besides the lack of just being able to capture "Lass" and being forced to fight, there was so much potential here wasted. Laas was an expert shapeshifter and all we get is a elongated arm slap? WTF?

I half expected to fight at least 5 different creatures. Here is a changeling that can morph into a space-faring creature, fog and is at least 250 years old and we end with an arm slap and subdue with gunfire.

This mission was going so well and ended on a very weak note. This was a crowning moment! Please redo this mission. It pains me to see this mission end this way. The rest of the mission was fine (except the eggs. What were those?) but this last battle could have been so much more.

Any considering his firm stance on "not bothering, dealing with solids" which has dated back 250 years, i dont understand how he could possibly be raising an army to destroy the alpha quadrant. For someone who wants to avoid interactions with people, he's certainly going about it strangely. And i wont even get started on the "changelings don't WANT to be exposed to solids" issue, so why the hell are they building a link in the middle of on of the Cardassian empire's major mining worlds? - In the middle of their sworn enemies nation?