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03-15-2010, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by pneumonic81 View Post
Ever been in that position where you get the drop on an enemy and score a solid torpedo volley and see his health drop about 80%? only to see him hit you with a tractor beam, disable your ship with a probe and then launch a salvo of his own and full strength right into your face? Ever asked yourself how he can do that with only 20% health left?

The problem in this scenario is that regardless of hull strength the enemy still has all his systems. This also counts for you, the player. You can have 3% health and ALL of your systems still intact. I personally have a problem with this aspect of STO Combat. It might be because very other space combat sim or star trek space combat game has had this mechanic. Maybe its because this mechanic has been clearly reflected in Star Trek since 1966.

The idea of Damage Control, losing systems during combat, is part and parcel to the experience of captaining a ship. Why is it not part of this games otherwise excellent starship combat? Can a developer speak to this issue? Does anyone else notice this missing level of depth in the combat? does it seem right to be fighting a NPC that is nearly dead but just as dangerous as he was at 100% health?
Double damage the hull can take and then start randomly disabling systems for hits you take when less than 50% and it could work. You'd get sort of a "death spiral, but it would be after your normally be dead anyway. make the proc rate around 10%, and have systems come back online when the hull is repaired to 50%.

Space battles in Star Trek tend to have a lot of random damage to systems after shields drop but before a ship explodes, and it would be nice to see a bit of that in the game.