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03-15-2010, 04:38 PM
I haven't checked on Tribble yet, but *IF* FvF has xp and medals rewards like 'normal' pvp, it will kill off Klingons altogether, because the Feds are obsessed with "the cloak". I think FvF should NOT have xp or medals, let it truly be what they are calling it, which is a "simulation". With no xp or medals, Feds will still be motivated to fight Klingons, otherwise, they won't be.

PvP right now is hurting awfully bad, and if Cryptic doesn't get smart and fix the queues, add more maps and more pvp types (Open PvP to take and hold systems where the entire sector is fought over consensually) then the Klingons will be killed off, and I won't have a reason to play. There is no where near enough pve content for the Feds to be really enjoyable after 1-2 characters, and I enjoy my Klingons because I genuinely like the species from the various, Klingons go to hell, and I'll go to a new game.

EDIT: March 17 - Now it's official, tomorrow's patch kills the Klingon faction.