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03-15-2010, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by Marcus_Gideon
Sadly, it depends on which incarnation of Trek you're referring to.

Back in Kirk's day, they could get shot at all day long, and nothing every quit. Or if it did, Scotty would get it back up and running.

Then you fast forward to Picard and Sisko. If they took a single phaser or torpedo, everything went off line, the warp core threatened to explode, and the toilets backed up.

So... how's about we just kill or be killed, and leave all this piddly "inoperative" stuff to the Science ships?
If you mean the series, yeah, but the movies had tons of hull damage. TOS was also a lot heavier on instant disintegration than the movies and later series.

But considering the special effects in TOS, pretty much the only clue you'd have that a system was hit is when the bridge consoles started exploding and everyone leaned to the side.