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03-15-2010, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by Jiri_Starrider
/signed. But then I'm used to SFB, Car Wars, BattleTech (the original, not that wizkids abomination), and SFC. Also to a lesser extent Fasa's attempt to horn in on SFB's pie, Space Opera, SpaceMaster and Living Steel.

BUT - To make that work we can't be taking out Admiral level ships in our light cruisrs. I can see, with the mass market mmo types, why they didn't go down that road. Fun as it would have been. Love the game, but it's no SFC, yanno....
Played most of those games Huge fan of SFB, Fedcom, and SFC series. On your last point yeah I get that, but it doesn't have to be exactly THAT way. Look at your typical fantasy MMO where you take on giant monsters that in a real would would thrash you simply based on size. In our situation here in STO its akin to a level 20 NPC Battleship being only slightly better then a level 20 NPC cruiser, and maybe twice as good as a level 20 NPC frigate, so you bring two. Either way you get approximately the same length of fight, maybe the Battleship does fancier things making you think harder. Maybe that fight takes you 15-20 seconds longer then the cruiser battle. Its easier for NPC numbers to be fudged to make the battle interesting. Yes you may be fighting physically larger ships then yours all the way to admiral but in reality they wont be that much better then yours.