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03-15-2010, 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by Summit View Post
I have a lifetime and I thank you for these perks, but I think the queue is a bit much. Technically I have my whole life to wait to get in. I don't feel like that perk is needed.
I second this. I appreciate the thought Cryptic, but those players that pay monthly or bi-annually/annually, have just as much right to get in as Lifers do. I think we can go without the head of line privledge.

If you are really listening to players, then I think you should take the queue head of line out. I'd hate to think that any of my fellow lifers would feel differently than this.

Just because we were more financially better off to do this in such a rough econmoy shouldn't allow us to be head of the line. Not everyone could afford to do this and its not fair to punish them for it. I really hope that you will reconsider this.