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03-15-2010, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Yezar View Post
Very interesting ideas. I agree with you on Genesis, in fact I want to play your Genesis system now. The race thing would be very difficult to do, being that we can make our own, but if they were to do it for classes I could see it working.

Again interesting ideas. Lets hope Cryptic are listening to them (lets also hope they know which ideas to listen to, I have seen some that made my head hurt).
I have a thought on the race thing. Granted there will be races that are just "out there", and they get no special missions, that's the price they pay. However, there are many of us who use "alien" to create half-breeds, such as my half bajoran/vulcan admiral, or the psychic Andorians. All they need to do is give us check boxes to indicate which races they represent.

For me this would be huge. It would give me such a personal feeling in the game, the feeling that who I am means something. Who my bridge officers means something.