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03-16-2010, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by nickp85 View Post
I hate to be so negative but after wasting about 2 hours on "Infected" only to die because a team member got booted, then I got booted... the clumsy controls cause you to jump in the plasma and the camera doesn't allow you to properly see what you're doing.

I paid for a lifetime subscription and a month in, I have no desire to play anymore. As a Star Trek fan that followed the development of this game long before Cryptic got their hands on it... it's utterly horrible. Space combat isn't too bad but ground combat needs ALOT of work.

Please... FIX IT... make the $240 bucks I spent worth it...
there are ways around the issue of team members getting the boot...
i dont find any issues with the controls nor camera angles when i have been inside the room.
(this is just me though)

i find all aspects of combat fun and quite enjoyable. at times i am challenged and have to re-think strategy or attacks, but i learn to adapt and overcome little issues.

i wont touch the life sub issue - that was a choice you made - no one else.