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03-16-2010, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by Idryll_Alira View Post
The topic i had feared is here and anyone wanting to keep this faction alive needs to go to the tribble forum and to make their voice heard.

There is a pvp balance topic there and one of the Dev's is there and responding. Thus far there have been suggestions to cripple carriers, cripple cloak, remove our cannons and worse. Even ludicrously severe nerfs are being openly suggested by a whole raft of players in that topic.

The fate of our faction is being decided there and the only voices being heard are those wanting it gone.

Please go to that topic and make your voice heard, or the next patch notes may well be the last you read.
This is extremely exaggerated. Yes, there are some unreasonable nerf posts, but there are also more reasonable improvement suggestions (i.e., not nerf requests).

Dragging the thread down in anti-nerf posts will only spam it up even further.

In other words, I highly recommend being more constructive. It's very easy for anyone reading -- especially the QA/DEVs -- to distinguish between unfounded, unreasonable, (usually) trolling nerf posts, and the quality constructive feedback they are looking for.

Also remember that it's not a shouting match between who has the louder or last say. It's usually the better presented arguments that make the more lasting impression.


Most importantly, please read through the whole thread -first-, before posting. So much has been repeated and argued because of ignorance or unwillingness to read.